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Alseis blackiana – Mameicillo


Native to:



Panama and Colombia.

Dense forest, understory tree, 10-900 meters above sea level. 12 meter tall tree.

Alseis blackiana – Mameicillo

Ecological value:

Understory tree. Most members of the Rubiaceae family are pollinated by insects. Bird pollination is rare, found only in several red-flowering species.

Material uses:

Wood, yellow-white, fine grained, heavy and tough. Not of high quality but used furniture, as plywood or in carpentry.

Edible uses:

No record on this species.

Medicinal use:

No record on this species.

Other details:

Belongs to the family Rubiaceae which consists of about 620 genera and13,500 species. Important genera include coffee. No staple foods are found in this family.


Jin Young Lee/Christine Facella


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Image source: Steven Paton

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