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South and Central American species


This library contains a list of species with material qualities that can be cultivated in addition to timber, focusing on plants that have been used traditionally for fibers, dyes, or sources of rubber and finishing oils. 

The purpose is to promote diverse managed forest systems vs monocultural systems: A diverse agricultural system not only provides economic incentives but will also supply habitat for native wildlife in addition to providing useful ecosystem services such as erosion control and groundwater protection, based on site-specific needs.

Our intention is to showcase the use of these materials through various projects over the coming years. 

General construction

Lower grade timber, smaller species

Veneer species

Suitable for veneer production

Resin, gum & varnish

Wood finishes, alternative adhesives

Oil production

Drying (wood finish) and non-drying (edible)

Seeds, fruits

Used in beads, containers

Dyes, mordants, tannins

Natural alternatives for textiles or wood

Paper pulp

Suitable for paper production

All materials

Timber, fiber, oils, dyes etc

Plywood species

Construction, furniture, cabinetry

Hardwood species

Construction and furniture

Rubber, latex

Natural options

Cork subsituties

Properties similar to cork

Textile, cordage, fiber

Cotton alternatives and other lignin-based fibers

Wax, honey

Species that attract honeybees


Endangered or threatened material species

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