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Astronium graveolens - Goncalo alves / Glassywood


Native to:



Mexico, Central America, and South America as far south as Bolivia

Canopy tree in dry and humid tropical forests. 5-1000 meters above sea level. 35 meter tall tree.

Astronium graveolens -  Goncalo alves / Glassywood

Ecological value:

Attracts pollinators such as insects. Moderately fast growing pioneer. Tolerant of shade. There are 12 species in this genus, commonly referred to as the Cashew family. Leaves characterized by alternate and odd-pinnate growth.

Material uses:

Wood, moderately hard, heavy and durable. One of the most durable construction timbers. Used in cabinetry and fine furniture, in tools, turnery, musical instruments, interior applications and in decorative veneers.

Edible uses:

No record on this species.

Medicinal use:

No record on this species.

Other details:

Commonly exported timber. Used for ornamental purposes. Flowers during the dry season. Belongs to the Anacardiaceae family which are characterized by fruits shaped as drupes. Small holes are found throughout the wood in this family.


Jiahuan Cheng/Christine Facella


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Image source: David J. Stang

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