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Bombacopsis quinata - Red Ceiba


Native to:



Central America, and Northern South America

Lowland wet forests, dry to very dry, or wet tropical forests, from sea level to 900 m.

Bombacopsis quinata - Red Ceiba

Ecological value:

Sometimes used as shade coverage on coffee plantations. Fast growing, pollinated by bats.

Material uses:

Exploited in the wild as a timber source. Durable wood used for construction, furniture, doors, suitable for plywood and veneer. Coppices well, used as a live fence, occasionally used as fuelwood, but not preferred.

Edible uses:


Medicinal use:

Roots are used as treatment for diarrhea.

Other details:

This species is possibly incorrectly name and could potentially be transferred to the genus Pachira. Grows well in humus rich loamy soil. Listed as vulnerable due to over exploitation and habitat loss.


Peaches Harrison/Christine Facella


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