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Gliricidia sepium - Quickstick


Native to:



Central America.

Sand dunes, riverbanks, flood plains. 5-1900 meters above sea level. 10 meters tall.

Gliricidia sepium - Quickstick

Ecological value:

Fast growing pioneer, can be an aggressive. Coppices well. Fixes nitrogen. Used for erosion control. Used to reclaiming imperata grasslands (imperata cylindrica) and as a green manure. Drought resistant. Pollinated by insects including bees.

Material uses:

he wood is hard, heavy and durable, resistant to wood boring insects. Used in construction, furniture, tool handles, in railway sleepers and farming tools. Important fuel-wood.

Edible uses:

Flowers, cooked. Used as shade tree for tea, cocoa and coffee.

Medicinal use:

Treats a variety of ailments such as bruises, headaches, burns, itches, alopecia, colds, coughs, ulcers, wounds, skin tumors, rheumatism etc. Anti-fungal.

Other details:

Live fence - very easy to propagate from cuttings. Used as fodder, in honey production (attract bees) and as an ornamental. Seeds are used as rat poison. Roots have a sweet taste and are preferred by rodents over roots of cacao or coffee trees. Grows 3 meters per year.


Adrian Chiu/Christine Facella


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Image source: C. Facella

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