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Inga spectabilis - Guaba machete / Guavo real


Native to:



Parts of Central America, northern and western South America.

Rainforests at low to medium elevations. 0-2000 meters above sea level. 10 meters tall.

Inga spectabilis - Guaba machete / Guavo real

Ecological value:

This tree take 4-5 years to flower and produces fruits seasonally. Pollinators
include bees, butterflies, other insects. Has a symbiotic relationship with soil bacteria that form nodules on the roots and fix atmospheric nitrogen which can be shared with neighboring plants.

Material uses:

Attractive wood, but susceptible to wood-boring insects. Used as fuelwood.
Contains tannins.

Edible uses:

The fibrous fruit of this plant melt in the mouth like cotton candy and is sweet, and is generally eaten fresh. Seeds edible, but less tasty

Medicinal use:

Used to treat inflammation, skin conditions and infections.

Other details:

Known as the Ice Cream Bean. The bean pods are typically 24 inches in length and 3
inches wide. It fruits from July to December. Shade tree for coffee and cocoa. The tree is also used to help grow crops like vanilla and black pepper.


Aria Shehas/Christine Facella


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