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Poulsenia armata - Poulsenia


Native to:



Parts of Central America and northern South America.

Wet forests. Up to 2350 meters above sea level. 20 meter tall tree.

Poulsenia armata - Poulsenia

Ecological value:

Fruit consumed by red spider monkeys from Mexico to Bolivia. Flowers and fruits throughout the year, especially during the dry and early rainy seasons.

Material uses:

The inner bark is thick and composed of numerous layers of strong crossed fibers which are soaked in water and then beaten into a rough fabric that has been used in hammocks, blankets and women’s clothing. The wood is not durable and has a high silica content (7.3%) but is used for construction, crates and veneers.

Edible uses:

Ripe fruit can be eaten raw. Fruits occasionally found at markets.

Medicinal use:

N/A Unspecified medicinal uses.

Other details:

Poulsenia armata is the only species in the genus Poulsenia. Used as animal fodder.


Jiahuan Cheng/Christine Facella


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