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Ximenia americana - Hog plum / Tallow Wood / Yellow plum


Native to:



Global tropical regions, including Central and South America, the Caribbean, Florida.

Open country, forest, savannah. 5 meter shrub, up to 100 meters above sea level.

Ximenia americana - Hog plum / Tallow Wood / Yellow plum

Ecological value:

Grown as a hedge, highly salt tolerant. Drought tolerant once established.
Pollinated by bees including Agapostemon splendens, Augochloropsis sumptuosa, Dialictus placidensis, Coelioxys germana, Megachile mendica and Apis mellifera (honeybee).

Material uses:

Seed from oil used as soap and lubrication (67.4% non-drying oil). Essential oil from flowers. Bark contains tannins used to strengthen indigo dyes. Yellow-red to brown orange wood, hard and durable-used for small items such as handles. Substitute for sandalwood. Fire wood.

Edible uses:

The fruits have a plum-like flavor. Young leaves can be cooked as a vegetable, but need to be thoroughly cooked as they contain cyanide. Eat in limited quantities. Flower petals edible. Oil from seed-used as substitute for ghee.

Medicinal use:

Treats sleeping sickness and anemia in livestock. Treats headaches, skin problems, snakebites and sore muscles. Bark and crushed fruit rind keep fleas away.

Other details:

Fruits have a pleasant plum like flavor. Begins fruiting at 3-4 years. Young leaves as potherb, cooked.


Xiliang Chen/Christine Facella


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